A Collab: Nuj Novakhett for Jaspal

So for those of you who don’t know Jaspal. It’s apparently their 40th anniversary and they seemed to pluck a fresh face Nuj Novakhett to design their celebratory collection. Not sure if she will become the new face for Jaspal but her collection for now is tres limited and exclusive. I’d describe Jaspal as young, chic stylish clothing brand at affordable prices. Nuj Novakhett adds just the right amount of sophistication and classic elegance for Jaspal.

Here are some shots from her fashion show/fashion installation – such a massive one – 30 looks!

(her dresses are also double sided – so convenient if you want to travel light!)


Nuj Novakhett featured in Teen Vogue back when she launched her collection in New York. No doubt she has a hoard of fans ranging from Hollywood A-lists from the likes of Kim Kardashians, Lea Michelle and Ashley Simpson. Nuj Novakhett is definitely the one to watch ladies. Blogging about this collection really sparks my inner shopping addiction. xxx

Her past collections (SS11)


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