Curated Talks: M for Millinery

After a 3 month long millinery course slash holiday in London, Mind Pachimsawat has found her new hobby; hats and fascinators. I, for one, have been very familiar with fascinators for a long time since living in Melbourne, Spring Carnival is one of the biggest events of the year and the highlight is, of course, frolicking around in your greatest day outfit, horse betting, showering yourselves in great food and wine and in your most craziest hats to show off. Anyone’s who’s taken an interest to be a spectator at the Polo, Horse Racing or Rowing would already have one or two or ten. Going to these events without a great piece of fascinator to show your identity is like dressing up without a great pair of heels – it would be a total fashion suicide.

Who would have thought that a former national news anchor and TV host would quit her day job to become a designer. She drew many of her inspirations from the 1950’s era and her motto is vintage simplicity with modern details. I have seen her first to current collections, she stocks from dramatic opulent fascinators to chic 50s hats that you can wear to spice up your casual outfit. They are so versatile. Mind Milinery now stocks in Jaspal and Isetan department store in Singapore. She also has custom made designs and one-off pieces. Rest-assured you can strut down the runway for Spring Racing carnival and no one else would have the same hat.

Don’t you just want to take one off the stand and sport it around for a day? Here I have sneaked a little interview with the stylist mini Milliner when I was down in Singapore during the F1 weekend.

1. What made you change careers so swiftly to become a milliner?

I came to a realisation after four long years in the media industry that my real interest lies in fashion. I knew I wanted to specialize specifically in millinery which is quite a niche but it is something I am really passionate about and enjoy doing.

2.  Where do you find your inspirations?

I was initially inspired by one of most iconic women in fashion history, Audrey Hepburn. I love her movies, her wardrobe, and her style especially in that era which oozes much elegance and class. I am fascinated by the olden age when women wore hats as a norm and why the tradition stopped. I’d like to encourage and re-introduce to young people in our generation to similar but a new millinery style, especially in Asia. Throughout the UK, some events still maintain the this tradition such as the Polo and Rowing. I strongly support the tradition and wish to carry the same over to Asian countries.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

My style generally depends day to day whether I have a feature interview or a broadcast. Mostly, I stay on the elegant, simple and quite formal side of things by wearing a long dress or outfits that cover up my legs. Lately, I usually pick out the hat I want to wear first then work my outfit around it to match 🙂 I am also a girl that cannot live without accessories. I love to accessorise really heavily…. I try match it to the theme of my make up or mix and matching headbands, earrings, necklaces to the outfit I’m wearing, or sometimes clashes work well too!

4. Who are your favourite designers? and where do you usually shop?

I do have different favorite designers for clothing, accessories, and jewelry. My favourites change as I grow older, and my tastes change. My favorite designers are Givenchy, Valentino, and more high street and affordable brands like H&M. I simply adore the ever-appealing style of Givenchy. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, it’s about that simplicity with lots of bold colours and shapes. Red Valentino is another designer I am obsess with at the moment. I like it for its femininity, the signature bright red, the chiffon folds, the shoulder bow, and the contemporary fairytale look. As for the hats, who doesn’t love Phillip Treacy and his dramatic hat collections!

5. Tell us the highlights you’ve had so far since you launched your brand?

My main highlight has been the fact that within less than a year, not only did I have the opportunity to promote and launch my brand in Thailand but I also had the opportunity to introduce my designs in Singapore. I’m grateful for the number of actresses, models, celebrities and customers who have shown continued support in my designs.

6. What is next in line for you?

I want to continue developing my designs and have my own boutique. I am always active and look for opportunities in Bangkok and surrounding regions of South East Asia.

She has been such an inspiration, follow her instagram @khunteera and can’t wait to see her hats hit the stores.


Designer: Mind Pachimsawat
Model: Chanok Sayoungkul & Tiriree Kananuruk
Make Up Artist: Amata Chittasenee
Make Up Artist Assistant: Suchawalee Sankinsee & Pimonwan Kongchoosak
Stylist: Jaturapat Centimetre Khemnark
Photographer: OAT-CHAIYASITH
Assistant Photographer: Elleloof Loofdesign, Fueture Pun


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