Gilded Age Menswear Presentation at Chez Andre

After the Rita Vinieris presentation, I started off my afternoon with a late lunch at Ippudo and quickly nestled myself from the gusting wind in the East Village Standard hotel bar on the 2nd floor. It was the perfect hideaway/waiting area for the Gilded Age show where I met other fellow reporters such as and other models in the show. The collection inspired by the contrasts of the future world portrayed in the 70-80s era. It was a very raw and alive show with live performance by Weeknight band. The event was filled with flows of vodka and sponsored by Red Bull. The collection was all about the rough-edgy-tough-rebellious clothing, especially when most of the props were fueled by chains and knees/elbow snubs. Even adds more to the grungy look. The presentation was very interactive, one of the models were mimicking boxing moves and later on, did an exercise with another fellow model.

Enjoy some of the photos I snapped from the show below! xxox

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special thanks to Rachel from Think PR. Show was styled by Jace Lipstein from Grungy Gentleman and Alvaro Salazar.


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