Exclusive Backstage Interview with Trina Turk reveals inspirations for her FW 2013 Californian Modern collection at NYFW

As I moved along with my busy itinerary as a fashion reporter for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2013, I found myself preparing for an exclusive backstage interview with the designer herself, Trina Turk. I managed to sneak a quick interview with her early morning of Nemo aftermath. I went backstage in the tents at Lincoln Center past all the tight security and hard-working PRs. I was excited to see everyone getting ready for the presentation. It was all make-up on the left, hair on the right, manicures getting done in front of you and getting the models dolled up for the presentation. Even though it is Trina Turk’s debut of her West-coast brand at Lincoln Center this year – she was organised! And the collection was pleasantly one of my highlights. It was elegant, poised and polished. I must note, the models she casted (by Barbara Pfister) for her collection were super cute and uber-chic.

There was nothing vintage about this collection. It was absolutely all about modern Cali-style of a modern day muse. The collection progressed in steps of different rich winter colours, textures and patterns. It started off with black plum accessories and lake-coloured fur vests.  Cognac, russette, saffron and oxblood colour-blocking numbers are eminent throughout the room underneath oversize winter-coloured coats.

Turk’s signature pattern was also woven through the collection in different shaped-garments and layers. It was such a luxe collection with a laid-back feel of Cali. This was shone through her use of special lush materials like sheared alpaca and curly lamb contrasted with slouchy walking shorts and gauchos. The high of this collection must have been the oversize coats and winter hats for me!

Here I have some exciting photos from backstage specially for you guys.

I had a quick Q&A with Trina backstage before her NYFW presentation. Find out how she always produces such an amazing collection and where she finds inspiration right here.

1. What is your current inspiration for this collection?

I was mainly inspired by the modernity of California; especially by its landscape, architecture and multicultural aspects of the city.

2. Where do you see your brand in the next 5-10 years?

I would love to have a bigger international audience and distribution. We currently have 7 stores across the country and we’d love to open more!

3. Do you think expansion to Australia would be a good fit for your brand?

Everyone I’ve spoken to has actually told me that my brand would be a great fit. Since I think the cityscape of Sydney and LA are very similar so the lifestyle and clothing choices would definitely be comparable.

4. What do you think of brand collabs? Do you currently have any collabs projects in the near future and if not, what would your dream project be?

I think they’re really fun and a great way to present your brand to a different consumer segment. We always have small projects going on right now but nothing major. I would love to do a kid’s collaboration with a big retailer like Target with Trina Turk.

5. Which boutiques are your favourite in New York City?

I love to shop vintage and each year there is a Manhattan Vintage Show. So that’s definitely my favourite.

6. Which celebrity would you like to see your collection on the most?
It’d have to be Audrey Hepburn

Make up: Stila | Nails: Julep | Stylist: Katie Mossman | Hair: Martin Christopher Harper for Cutler/Redkin

Special Thanks to Trina Turk, Jacqueline Schulze, and Linda Gaunt Communications.


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