Discover more fashion around the globe on Snapette

Amidst your busy schedule at Fashion Week, checking in with Fashion GPS, networking between the shows and getting snapped by Street Style photographers outside the tents at Lincoln Center; there was always that moment when your Apple companion (overloaded on Insta-tweetin’-Vinin’bloggin) needed a bit of a electric boost. I often found myself on one of the bloggers’ corner waiting for my iPhone to get re-charged. That was when I caught myself often getting lost (window) shopping either in Soho or at Bergdorfs, wait, how should I call it, virtual window browsing on my iPhone. This app was my sidekick during wait times for my battery bar to fill up.

I have grown to have quite an addiction for Snapette. It is window shopping without going in the bitter snow, getting wet, or getting out your heavy Hunter rain boots. I have found cool new boutiques from across the globe and discovered more items to add onto my wish list than I imagined. From the in-trend high top gold plated sneakers from Giuseppe Zanotti to a chic rhinestoned Miu Miu or flowers embroided J. Crew shirt.


Snapette also has a built-in location service where it kinda follows you around the city and tells you secret deals & offers from your favourite boutiques. Technology just makes it so much easier to find that perfect dress or a pair of shoes when you’re looking for something particular for an special occasion. Or well just because you love retail therapy – equally enjoyable!

Window shop right from your phone and follow me on Snapette while I snap away during my travels in 2013 :

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 12.29.44 AMThe free iPhone and Android app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play at


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