One word for Moncler NYFW 13 presentation: Incredible.

It was all push and shove to get to into this Moncler NYFW presentation. The timing was squeezed so tight at the end of an exhausting week for all on Sunday night, yet most of Tibi attendees rushed out of Pier 59 Studios to make their way up to mid-town Manhattan for Gotham Hall.  Majestic classical music was blasting from the speakers inside the hall, lights flashing everywhere to the beat of the timpani – I felt as if I’d missed the show already!

But more people were lingering on the footpaths outside, unorganised, confused, on edge – eager to know what was going on. “Has the show started?” “Why are they not letting anyone in?” “What’s going on inside?”

Finally after 20 minutes of standing in the dark,I was able to walk past the black curtains into the centre of the hall. This fashion presentation was everything but expected.

It was so worth the wait. This presentation was probably one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Competing to have the biggest chandelier through New York Fashion Week. One sentence to describe it:

Six flights of models decked in Moncler gear lined up all around the rotunda in the colour of the year – all shades of green. Enough Said. I got the shivers.


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