Greyhound Original

The opening show for Elle Fashion Week Bangkok was Greyhound Original. It was a mixture of mens and womenswear for Spring/Summer 2013.

The theme for this collection is ‘DISARTER’; disaster + art. Lots of new prints and graphics were incorporated into the brand’s new season’s collection without losing its position on edginess avant-garde look and feel.

The main inspiration for them was the concept of “The end of the world in 2012”. The two signature prints for the collection was created under the narrative of destructive residues leftovers from the end of the world labelled under the “Natural Error” and “Digital Error”.


How they defined Natural Error and Digital Error:

Natural error was the combination of using Marble Art concept to create lava-like patterns like a city that is melting down to nothing as well as capitalising the usage of the Inkblot technique to decorate fabrics to form a reflection pattern.

Digital on the other hand was portrayed via pixelated graphic prints. Think broken computer screens with fuzzy grey and white dotty lines like your old TV with the antenna back in the 1980s.

This SS 13, Greyhound opted for softer fabrics such as sheer linen, chiffon, cotton silk, Lycra and light knit. There was not many bright colours to be seen especially for spring/summer only a few flower prints and beigey pinky lava pattern. Other colours gave a really dark tone. Think digital colours like grey, white, black with navy. The collection was quite Avant-Garde in comparison to the rest Thai fashion I’d come across. The clothes screamed simplicity and minimalism with a modern twist.

Here are some snaps from the collection.

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About Greyhound

Greyhound was founded in Bangkok by four friends with no formal training in fashion or food, and no grand ambition. Informed by a wide range of interests from arts, music to architecture, Greyhound is nevertheless bound by shared aesthetics. There is no scientific procedure for discovering the Greyhound DNA, but after three decades of organic growth through trial and error, Greyhound is known for its unique creativity. They didnt set out to create a brand but they grew into one. Greyhound is a sleek, elegant and noble creature, full of spirit and, most of all, a man’s best friend.

Now they diversified into a lifestyle brand with restaurants and other cool stuff around town! Kinda is a really interesting journey. Do visit their new website here!

Credit: Company description and some photos via website


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