Trend Alert: Clear Clutches + Neon Necklaces


Who doesn’t love a bit of bling in their life? Another trend we saw that was getting a lot of traction lately is the clear clutch trend with bright bold diamonte embellishments. Since Shourouk jewelry became popular with their big hit mixing neon stones with intricate embroideries challenging the classic Joailleries code, everyone jumped on it.

Since then I have seen it them not only as necklaces or bracelets but on handbags and clutches (especially the clear ones). Following that trend, we’ve seen many clear PVC bags from high-end street brands like Charlotte Olympia, Philip Lim, and even luxury brands like Chanel to loads of DIYs around the online community. We love them because it’s so chic!


Apart from the amazing crystallised neon embellished clear soft clutches (my fave!) There’s also the clear clutch boxes which you can also spice it up by putting colourful pouches inside them as well if you’re more of a private person when it comes to your bags… If you’re looking to do a DIY, get creative with inspirations from items I chose from chunky bright-coloured necklaces to coloured gems.

Think of it like a blank canvas! you can’t go wrong.


Credit: Philip Lim 3.1, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Style Intro, Pinterest, Shourouk, and Charlotte Olympia.

Items featured in this article from Hedi Motrama and Jolita can be found at


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