Daniela Culev for The Flavour Style

Daniela Culev, 21, Moldova.

During NYFW outside Lincoln Centre I was eyeing the her matching bright-coloured cat-ear-beanies and we bonded over eye-catching clutches and colour-coded outfits…

daniela culev

Two words for this girl’s style: Elegant and Chic. She does it so right every time when it comes to her outfits and looking so effortless and stylish.

Through out the winter she pairs heavy coats and gloves with bolder accessories and shoes to add a pop of colour to her outfits. All through the summer as she travels the coast of Europe she often opts for the more colourful and bolder pairing options. She perfectly matches luxury brands with high street labels assembling the best looking outfits with a hint of femininity.

Talk about holiday envy! She just spent three full weeks in Europe. Not to mention last summer through Cote d’Azur, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Paris and New York!

PS. I also have a bit of shoe envy  going on here. (a bigggg one actually – her collection ranges from YSL, Louboutins, Miu Miu, Alaia, to Tom Ford – what’s not to love about her closet)


We sat down at Tartinery, at the Plaza hotel over a lazy lunch to decompress after Nemo and chat about New York Fashion Week.

What are you doing at the moment?

I am a student studying Public Relations in Moldova and I’m also a model scout for Mandarina Models.

When did you start your blog?

I just started last year! and having so much fun with it!

Why did you start your blog?

I am interested in fashion & news and it is a way to promote my designs as well. (I sometimes prefer to make my own clothes) My interests lie in fashion and I’m so involved in pretty much all aspects of it. From designing to styling as well as being a fashion model scout. I’m especially intrigued where the materials came from and what were the inspirations behind each collection…. It is all related I think and so why not start documenting it.

How would you describe your personal style?

Diversed, unbalanced, eclectic…… sometimes cute casual, sporty…… but it changes day to day. I love mix and matching luxury with high-street. I also have another side of me to dress very boyish some days too! Lol

Any exciting projects coming up?

I’m introducing a new section called ‘Models Life’ on my blog soon because through out the 5 years I’ve been a model scout I want to share my experience to all the girls who are in fashion or who aspire to become a fashion model to be better acquainted with the reality of the industry. And that it’s not easy and it’s hard work and I would like to give them advice and guide them in the right direction.

Obviously you’re a bit of a jetsetter… What are in your travel essentials kit?

I travel quite a bit because I’m in Europe and it’s easier to hop around to a few countries. I usually travel with my boyfriend and he came with me to New York Fashion Week as well and we do mix travel and work too. I don’t really have any travel essentials. I always take key pieces of jewelry with me and my own tailored pieces that I design.

Your dream occupation?

I would love to be a personal buyer or a stylist.

Any favourite brands?

Hands down – Opening Ceremony. It’s very young and unique. I also like Uniqlo it’s colourful and comfortable. Nike – because in Moldova it is so expensive! haha and in New York they always have the newest collections!

Where is your favourite place to shop?

In New York, I shop at OC (of course), Barneys, Bergdorfs…..

What’s the fashion industry like in your hometown?

Moldova has a lot of Russian influence but at the moment for most people it’s all about practicality more than anything. We also mostly get clothes from Romania and it tends to be very expensive. So as I said before, I design my own clothes as well and I love buying new fabrics – I got some this trip as well! I tailor a lot especially for coats and jackets. Personally I get a lot of inspirations from the shows in the 2000s era.

Highlights from Fashion Week so far?

I got to sit front row in The Man Repeller’s seat and met Hannah Bronfman as well. I met really nice people from all over the world who share the same interests as me as well. It was very unexpected. As for the shows, my favourite were Proenza Schouler, and A Wang. I also went to Vivien Tam, Badgeley and Mischka, CK, Naeem Khan, Jeremy Liang, and Nicole Miller.

We couldn’t wait any longer to chow down our soup and salad from Tartinery. It was a really nice getaway from the cold at NYFW. We also talked about streetstyle photography secrets, where to get the best sample sale deals, and how to survive fashion week(s) in a row.

Can’t get enough of her style.. dont’ forget to follow her on Instagram, and Twitter 🙂


Photo credit: The Flavour Style


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