Introducing Tess Dann

‘Never be afraid to try new things when it comes to food’. If you can think of it, she’s probably eaten it (and most importantly knows where it’s good). And if she hasn’t, she wants to try it. We’re talking about Tessa Dann, an easy-going, Louboutin wearing, Anglo-Australian go-getter, who is currently living in London and very proud to call herself a true ‘Foodie’.

Raised in Papua New Guinea and educated in Australia, Tessa Dann is currently working in the hustle and bustle of The Square Mile, the financial district of London. While that might be her day job, she has a passion for food that runs deep. Food is her ‘Raison D’être’; her reason for being.

Tessa has watched all the cooking shows, read all the books, and knows all the techniques. She confesses she might not be the greatest cook but we know she’s just being modest (take a look at her Instagram if you don’t believe us). Tessa attributes her love of food to her multicultural upbringing and teenage culinary escapades. Armed with her taste buds and a pen, Tessa is here to take the guess work out of living and eating in London.

“You know those cartoon’s with thinking bubbles are above people’s heads? If I had one of those, 95% of the time it would be filled with food”

She loves:

  • Travel: “Many people have said that to understand a country, you must first eat it. Always remember that cuisine is the quickest way to learn about culture.”
  • Expensive footwear: “If only I could actually bring myself to live off nothing but ramen noodles so I could satisfy my shoe obsession. Unfortunately, that just ‘aint an option”.
  • Cooking for family and friends: “Half the pleasure of cooking is seeing other people enjoy your food.”
  • Christmas: “A holiday where it’s okay to switch from savory to sweet 10 times and pass out at 4pm in a self-enduced food coma smelling like Champagne and roast Goose? What more could I ask for?”
  • Well-manicured eyebrows: “Yeah I’m aware it’s a little weird but I’m actually obsessed. If I say you have nice eyebrows, I mean it.”
  • Lazy mornings spent in Bed: “As far as I’m concerned, 7am is still night”.

She hates:

  • Bad manners: “Completely unforgivable”
  • Loose use of the term ‘Foodie’: “In my book, if you’re going to call yourself a Foodie, you better be able to live up to it. Really loving food is totally badass”.
  • Blunt Knives: “Enjoying good food but having blunt knives in your kitchen is blasphemous. It’s like saying you’re in to fashion, and then wearing sneakers with jeans. Barf.”
  • Glass chopping boards. “No comment”
  • Birds. All Birds: “They’re unpredictable and terrifying. Especially Pigeons. The only place they should be is on a plate with a Red Wine Reduction and perfectly executed Potato Dauphinoise”

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.47.05 AM

Do check out her awesome orgasmic collection of colourful pixels of sweets and spices! @tessaisabeldann


Photo: Tessa Dann


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