Charlotte Albert from Lust for Fashion


Charlotte is a personal style blogger from the UK and has an unhealthy massive obsession for heels. Her blog chronicles casual personal style and she also freelances for various fashion websites. Let’s find out more about this happy heels collector from Cornwall.

1. How did you get started with blogging?

When I started blogging it was really just a place to have everything I loved in one place. I’d post images I liked and store them in my own little online collage! After a while I became addicted to people street style blogs and creeping on other their personal style so I thought I’d share my own! Where I lived was so far out of the fashion world that the internet was like a huge treasure chest.

2. Where do you find inspirations for your blog?

I get so excited when fashion week approaches, it’s such a good feeling seeing a collection which you can’t wait to adapt to your own style!  I tend to pick out little bits from collections and try and put my own stamp on it, I always think it’s good to see a trend interpreted differently and not the same as everyone else. I also get inspired by colours, flowers in particular always give me colour ideas!


3. Do you have a favourite clothing item?

This is so difficult! It changes all the time, I’m so fickle! At the moment, it’s probably the infamous Zara skort in black. I can’t help but love it and it’s so easy to style I could wear it everyday and every night! I’m looking to get a jacket in pastel pink though, that’s my current obsession.


4.  Favourite boutiques/brand/shopping strips?

I wish I could say something really original here but I’m gonna put it out there and say Zara, for me it’s the best place to find high end styles for an affordable price. I also love looking on Etsy for jewellery, there are so many lovely handmade pieces on there and I don’t feel complete if I’m not wearing a couple of delicate rings.


5. Who is your ultimate style icon? 

I don’t think I could have just one person (back to the fickle thing!) as it changes all the time. I love people who can look so effortless, women who can be given the simplest outfit and make it look gut wrenchingly cool. I’m not one for hearts and flowers so I tend to like people who are more quirky. I love Sandra Hagelstam and Rumi Neely – massive girl crush on them.

6. What’s the best moment you’ve had in the fashion blogsophere?

I’m giving it my full time it’s so great. Blogging gets you out there and has helped me secure a job in writing. I’m really excited for what’s to come!

7. What would be your dream job/collaboration?

I’d love to do something involving travel! See all kinds of different cultures and styles. I’m fascinated by what inspires people and how they show their creativity so if I could incorporate that into a job it would be amazing.

8. Latest item you bought/what’s the hottest brand/clothing item for the summer?

Lately I’ve been a sucker for shoes and have been going a bit crazy on that front! Strappy Zara heels are my go-to shoes and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They come in white, black and nude (I need them in every colour of course?!). I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon for mirrored sunglasses, they add a pop of colour to an outfit and look so summery!


Stay tuned for more fashion tips, streetstyle updates, and Fashion Week coverage! xxox



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