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Blogger Style Series: Lauren from littlefashionbird

We are super excited to bring on board a fashion blogger turned social media maven to curate home decor and interior design for us. Lauren has quite an eye for antique furniture to classy black & white Chanel-haute-couture look. I was always in awe of the decor of her recent apartment in downtown Manhattan; she mixed luxury elegance with a chic feminine feel. Absolutely LOVED all the snaps from her Instagram handle.

Lauren is also up-to-date in the fashion world, but she always has a bohemian chicness about her style and a great eye for mix & matching vintage with brand names. Let’s find out what she’s all about!


Lauren Baluyo graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in advertising and marketing communications, and studied fashion journalism at New York University. She has over six years of collective fashion experience working for ELLE Magazine, Albright NYC and The Daily Mirror in London, as well as launching a blog in 2009 called “Little Fashion Bird”.

Currently, Lauren is a social media manager and digital strategist for Camille La Vie, a women’s clothing brand specializing in social occasion dresses. Along with fashion, Lauren has been expanding her interests and passions (or better yet, obsessions) within the realm of interior design and decor. By using her own place as her “dressform” and immersing herself in various outlets dedicated to this area, she continues to learn and experiment on different ways to turn an ordinary space into a personalized and cozy home.

1. Where is your favourite spot in the world?
Oxford, UK (without a doubt)…I’d consider this place my “home far away from home”. There’s something truly magical as you stroll around this city. From the historic university architectures, parks, rivers, even down to the local ice cream shop, pub and movie theater, it’s not your average town.

2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Ideally, in a perfect world, the CEO of my own social media platform with a focus on fashion and interior design. And of course having kids, the white picket fence scenario, setting up lemonade stands and all that good stuff!

3. Favourite dish?
Tough one as I LIVE for food! But if it has to be one, it would certainly be basil pesto over linguine. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of my life.

4. Best trip you’ve ever had?
My FIT summer abroad in London (for many memorable reasons). Then comes my 3-month stay in Brazil. Loved every second of it!

5. Who are you dying to take on a dinner date with?
Could there be a few people at this dinner? At the moment, I would love to pick the fabulous brains of Jenna Lyons of J Crew and Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr of WhoWhatWear and Domaine Home. These women never cease to inspire me…they have this phenomenal vision and successful work ethic in making things look AMAZING and SO PRETTY (both at work and at home)! It would be nice to be in the presence of these genius minds and understand how they got started, what drives them everyday and how they strike a “chic” balance between business and personal life.

6. Tell us a little somethin somethin no one else knows!
I just burned a hole in my credit card at H&M’s new online store. Their home collection and prices are insane …I think I bought one or two of everything (literally).

7. Where are you living right at the moment?
Just moved out of our apartment in Manhattan into what feels like a cozy old English cottage in Paulus Hook (downtown Jersey City). It’s a joy to come home from work to this delightful and peaceful neighborhood everyday.

8. Where can we catch you next month?
In Los Angeles for a Camille La Vie photo shoot with one of the stars from “Pretty Little Liars”…kind of excited about this work trip. And hopefully on the streets of NYC for NYFW!

Lauren's 5 things1. Eyeko liquid eyeliner
2. Caudalie Beaute Elixir
3. my iPhone
4. Moroccan oil
5. Hummus


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