New Home Project Inspirations

Hello all! I’m so ecstatic to be joining CuratedbyKiki as one of the curators…taking you into my interior-décor-obsessed realm of home fashions every week. Although I’d consider myself a lady who prides herself on a sweet investment leather handbag, pair of stilettos and occasional new staple addition to the wardrobe every now and then, lately I’ve been finding myself more entranced into the art of decorating one’s “humble abode”.  It’s my current shopping weakness. And after making a recent move from a smaller-scaled apartment in New York City to a more spacious old brownstone in downtown Jersey City, my shopaholic-meets-interior-decorator inclinations have amplified to a whole new [scarier] level (which serves as unfortunate news to my bank account).

Although I can’t wait to feature snaps of my new place, I’d like to first share some interior “eye candy” that has served as major inspiration for my new home project challenge:

1. Jenna Lyon’s Brownstone Apartment



Call me absurdly obsessed but I google this fine lady’s personal fashion and home style like pretty much everyday. Whenever I feel like I’m in a decorator’s “rut”, I look to thy genius Lyons for daily inspiration as she never fails to deliver. Much of the features of her previous Brooklyn home are similar to my new place – the historic crown moldings, marble fireplace and mantel, and parquet hardwood floors (characters that define the traditional brownstone setting). Taking this into mind, I thought a few pieces were necessary in complementing these historic detailings. I’ve recently purchased a “gi-normous” gold gilded mantel mirror, English arm roll sofa from and an antique French gilt bronze crystal chandelier.

2. Moroccan Shag Rugs



Although my first thoughts when decorating the living room was to go with a traditional Persian rug in rich reddish/pink tones, I realized that the room needed to be brightened up a bit given that we moved into a place that had built-in mahogany armoires, cherry oak floors and black mantels (lots of dark hues to be exact). After some days of Pinterest-esque home browsing, I noticed the popular trend in these rugs. My first thought was, “definitely do not want a shaggy rug ever again”. Although they’re pretty to look at and feel plush and squishy under bare feet, they shed like pugs – meaning consistent fuzz bunnies at every corner of the house and never-ending sessions with the vacuum. But I couldn’t shake off how gorgeous they were (to my eyes at least), and they really make a room seem more spacious. After some weeks of research, I found a Moroccan rug that apparently has minimal to no shedding and received great feedback. I took the plunge in hopes that it won’t disappoint and so far, so good. I’ve just received it a couple days ago and have to say…, you’re freaking awesome!

3. The Many Wonders of Mason Jars




Two facts about me: when I love something and it’s cheap, I always buy in bulk! So had a happy day when I bought 10 thousand mason jars from their site (well, not10,000 but you get my point). I have loads that I intend to use for MANY purposes. Who would’ve known that a classic jar, which I thought at first would only work as storage for spaghetti sauce and jams could be so effortlessly chic and versatile? My peonies and candles will find new homes in these little babies!

4. All Things Sheepskin




Just like mason jars, the sheepskin rug has served to please for many purposes. And that includes not only prettifying a home and making it look so plush and inviting, but also being incredibly comfortable for all-day couch potato wear. Seriously, these things feel so soft and amazing. The first time I laid eyes on them I thought “easy on the eyes, but that’s gotta be itchy”.  But I was clearly inaccurate. They are the best and can easily turn an ordinary furniture piece into something gorgeous and comfy. So far I use them for my wooden dining bench and lounge seating chairs in the living room. During the winter months, I like to prop them on our sofa for added toastiness. They just engulf you into a sleepy and tranquil abyss. I’d highly recommend them for anyone’s home.

On the quest for satiating my needs for a perfectly pretty house, these four little inspirations have really helped turn our space into a cozy home with a cottage-like atmosphere. We definitely did a 180 spin from our previous apartment in Manhattan. Although we loved the details of a modern high-rise with its clean, white modular lines and sense of minimalism, it felt more like a cool hotel than an actual home. Our new place certainly gives off that warm and lovely feel that we’ve been looking for. Check back with me next week for a peek into the new place!  To give you an idea…here’s a snap from our tree-lined street:


By Lauren.


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