Moet Champagne Tower

2014! A new year, A new blog.

As we ring in the new year for 2014. Many didn’t keep their 2013 new year resolutions… they say only 6% of people kept to their new year resolutions after a week and a whopping more than most dropped it or break it and suddenly the pact is broken and one is too shameful or think it cannot be undone therefore dropping their entire new year resolution entirely.

Wrapping up 2013, it’s been an amazing year – getting to experience so many fashion weeks throughout the world. Some haven’t been able to document it because of work as much as I wanted to here. But meeting so many new bloggers and people who have the same passion is great from New York, Sydney and Bangkok. And comes around the opportunity to be a producer and fashion host for Fashion One TV network airing worldwide was also another accomplishment.

For me, I’d like to take my old new year resolution forward to this year and enforce it even more to 1. either pick up french to a fluency level (conversationally) or 2. learn a new language. As for 2014, I made a promise to create and do more things I love ie. blogging, create a social project, more community service and travel more. As well as keeping the blog short & sweet.

Moet Champagne Tower

My life in pictures is also on instagram @curatedbykiki & I sometimes keep a 140 characters rant to myself @curatedbykiki

Whatever your dreams are for 2014. Chase them!



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