Trunks & Travel: where to go for Chinese New Year

Image In this part of the world, Chinese New Year is a serious holiday. Especially, in HK, China, Malaysia and Thailand. We get a long holiday in Asia. So the occasion comes around for me to post a few of my options for Chinese New Year – it might not even happen at all. But here are a few:

1. New Zealand – Best enjoyed during summer in my personal opinion 🙂 Even though Queenstown has amazing skiing resorts and bundle amount of powder. I still vote New Zealand has so many activities to enjoy during the summer. Especially if you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, there is so much adventure, outdoor hiking to do! And the scenic drive is awesome – and let’s not forget they did film The Lord of the Rings here where you can visit Hobbiton and roam around in cute cafes and the town all day.

2. Vietnam – I have my eye on Vietnam for a while, the absolutely amazing Six Senses Con Dao just looks beyond. I see the French-inspired architecture details as well as Pho and rice spring rolls calling my name already

3. Bora Bora – This one is a little bit further away than a hop and ride on the plane for a couple hours. Gotta go via New Zealand but the island is so far away for most people it’s exciting for me to just go visit and see their culture.



I just came across these amazing sets from Elem Mayara and inspired me for the post! Blue skies, white sand, and the glaring sun and that coconut smell of the tanning oil already got me dreaming about my packing list for the trip!

beach hotelsummer style


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