No. 6 best looking office at @refinery29

The next couple days I’ll be bringing you the top 6 office space that we have our eyes pinned on! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Every corner you turn is super chic and maybe the long hours here in the cafeteria wouldn’t be so bad

Number 6: Refinery 29

The glossy internet website start up which only a few years ago was just another website started by 2 men with only 5,000 dollars. It’s not a mega success with 1 billion page views a year. Refinery 29 content covers fashion, latest news, trends, interior, design, make up tutorials, beauty advice, hair styles, hot bachelor countdowns and much more! It’s much like the SF/NYC style glossy cross fit between a really high-brow Cosmo with a bit more fashion and a bit of a tech side.

All in all, it’s amazing – I’m addicted to it probably like any other million people who follow them on all their social media handles.

My point being – their office is also pretty darn amazing. Who wouldn’t want to work there – the culture is super hip, funny, young and your oldest coworkers would probably be in their late 30s.










Stay tuned for the countdown tomorrow!

Credit: Design Sponge


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