Melbourne Photo Diary

My first trip of this year 2015: Melbourne – my second home away from home. Having grown up in Melbourne, the most liveable city in the world, and spent all my teenage years there, I miss it terribly because there really is something for everyone in this city.  The best part about it is probably the chill artsy (laid-back Aussie) vibe you can’t get anywhere else. The city sort of possesses this Brooklyn grunge feel slash Victorian-era sophistication. The level of interest architecture displayed around the different parts of town is breathtaking – from modern building to terrace houses, to the eye-popping visual merchandising displays in retail stores and my favourite is all the interiors in the restaurants and bars down the (more often than not so mysterious) Melbourne alleyways.  And let’s not forget, hands down – by far – Melbourne cafes/baristas make the BEST coffee in the world. Here are some photos from my trip 🙂

Walks along Southbank Blvd

My morning run in the sun to brunch in South Yarra to Bridge Rd

Leafy afternoon in Melbourne on St Kilda Rd + TRAMs!

I didn’t plan much of an itinerary as I thought I know the city so well but after two years – a lot has changed! I also did make a girlie weekend trip down to the NGV to check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition (in retrospective) and it was great to re-see his earlier works again

Another event on my agenda this trip was also the Portsea Polo – little did we know we were in for quite a weekend! It was all day long DOC pizzass in the tent, Espresso Martinis, and free flow colourful summer cocktails!

And on my last weekend I got a chance to check out The Royal Melbourne Croquet sponsored by Broadsheet which was really awesome. Summer rays, lounging on the grass with great selection of drinks and food with your friends – it was the best way to kick start the year with a bang over the weekend.



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