Meet the bubbly blondie behind A Piece of Elise

Elise Purdon, the 23 year old Canadian born, fresh face graduate behind the blog, A piece of Elise, took us to the newest branch of Gram at EmQuartier last week where we explored their newest menu – decked out with Superfood bowls, organic gourmet salads, booster protein smoothies and healthy green juices. It was a stylish and clean pick for a true fashionista as we both were entertained by how colourful our ordered dishes were – it was an Instagram flat-lay perfection!

Elise also recently celebrated her blog’s one year anniversary and it’ s a hit as her blondie locks definitely stands out from the local Bangkok fashion crowd. A Piece of Elise energetic vibes is exactly just like Elise’s personality. Let’s find out what this bubbly babe has planned after graduation, her fashion aspirations, blogging journey so far and her experience living and blogging overseas.

 1. How did you get started with your blog?

I started my blog last year as I was finishing up my business degree. I was so obsessed with clothes that even during economics class I would be day dreaming about shoes, so I decided I needed to do something with my fashion energy or I may never make it out of school. Hence, A Piece of Elise was born!

2. How has your blog evolved since your started until now?

I wouldn’t say my blog has evolved a lot, but my comfort and confidence in the act of blogging has evolved immensely. It has been 1 year since I made APOE and my first posts were very shy and awkward, whereas now I feel happy and comfortable in front of the camera. I am also much for confident in my personal style and with speaking about fashion to others. However, the core identity of A Piece of Elise has remained the same over the past year – it is somewhere I share my fashion obsessions in an approachable, fun and easy going way. Having said that, there are some BIG changes coming to APOE in the next few months, so stay tuned because this will probably be the blog’s biggest changes yet!

3. Do you have any fashion icons/inspirations?

I absolutely love Rachel Zoe. I think she has such iconic personal style – she’s been wearing flared jeans for the past 5 years when everyone was wearing the skinny leg, but now flare is coming back. She is also glamourous and classy – she never shows her legs! She is also an extremely successful self made business woman, who also has a family. She has pretty much managed to brand the idea of being a stylist, which is something that would have seemed “un-brandable” a decade ago. Talk about a fashion lover’s role model!

4. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style could be described as random. The thoughts going on in my head are often shared through what I wear. If I’m feeling like a party, you will probably catch me in a dress. If I’m lazy, possibly silk PJ’s in public. When I have a business meeting and I feel intimidated, I will probably dress was above my age. If I’m hyper, maybe I’ll wear something crazy! Having said that, my style is always changing, but one thing that remains the same is that it is always quite feminine.



5. Blogging in Bangkok: best moments and tough challenges?

Blogging in Bangkok is great because there aren’t many bloggers, which means that I may have more readership that I would in a city that is saturated with them. Having said that, this can also be a disadvantage because it means I have less blogger friends to hang out with and to learn from. It also means that many brands haven’t worked with bloggers before, nor do they understand how it can benefit them. This means I spend a lot of time talking with brands and working out the details before I can create the content for them. It is also difficult because I can’t write Thai, although it would mean the world to communicate with my Thai readers in their native language. Having my blog in both languages is something that I dream of!

 Emquartier Garden2    Emquartier Garden

6. How do you set yourself apart from other bloggers?

I set myself apart from really trying to be myself and to be approachable. So much of fashion blogging these days is appearing glamourous and having a fake facade, whereas A Piece of Elise is all about laughter, having fun and simply creating a community of love. Wow, how cheesy am I?! Anyways, you will rarely see my posts without a smile, which is because I try not to take myself too seriously, which I something I think more bloggers should do!


7. Most rewarding moments as a blogger?

My most rewarding moment as a blogger was when I had 3 women in the same day tell me that they have made fashion decisions based upon things they found on my blog! This was a bit scary for me, given that sometimes I forget that there are so many readers behind my computer, but it was also a dream come true! When they said that I really felt to excited to know that people trust my opinions, value what I say and above all are actually really reading my blog!!!

8.How do you go from blogging for fun to blogging as a job?

I think the harder you work, the more your audience grows and then eventually people want to work with you as a marketing tool to gain exposure for their brands. It doesn’t happen on it’s own, it takes time and you got to put in the hours, but if you love it then it won’t feel like work!

9. Favorites brands?

Ek Thongprasert Necklaces – I’m obsessed with his work…. and him… 😛

10. Summer trends this season?

It seems to be all about fringe bags and gladiator sandals! I love summer season because it’s often more casual and all about beachy waves, sunnies and having fun. However, by the end of summer I’m always excited for serious winter fashion and layering too!

11. The next project you’re most excited about?

MY OWN COLLECTION! This is my first time announcing this publicly, so if you’re reading this you’re getting the inside scoop. I won’t reveal details yet, but it’s exciting and if you know me you won’t be surprised about what I’ve got coming because it’s my favorite fashion thing in the world! Stay tuned!

12. Any challenges to living abroad in Thailand?

This is a HUGE questions. There are always challenges, but my opinions and perspectives of Thailand are always changing. I’m not going to touch upon differences such a individuality and collectivism, which might be what I struggle with most, but that would take essays to complete! Instead, I’m just going to talk about people, traffic and heat! Growing up in Canada, where we have a population of almost zero, in a country where traffic is 2 cars and temperatures are cold, I basically moved to the complete opposite. That in itself has posed a lot of challenges! It though taking outfit photos outside in the 40 degree heat!


13. Now that you’ve graduated where do u see your blog in 5 years time?

I plan to created higher quality content. I will have more time to make things even more interesting for the readers! Exciting! I am also going to have some original products coming your way soon. I also might start some YouTube, but that isn’t for sure yet. Got to stop being scared of video first!

Well, we spent the day with Elise and she definitely was a natural in front of the camera! Stay tuned to find out more about her tips and tricks of creating a beautiful Instagram following and how to make your feed stand out! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @apoelise and fun blog



Photo credit: Kenny and APOE Blog

brazil trip

Blogger Style Series: Lauren from littlefashionbird

We are super excited to bring on board a fashion blogger turned social media maven to curate home decor and interior design for us. Lauren has quite an eye for antique furniture to classy black & white Chanel-haute-couture look. I was always in awe of the decor of her recent apartment in downtown Manhattan; she mixed luxury elegance with a chic feminine feel. Absolutely LOVED all the snaps from her Instagram handle.

Lauren is also up-to-date in the fashion world, but she always has a bohemian chicness about her style and a great eye for mix & matching vintage with brand names. Let’s find out what she’s all about!


Lauren Baluyo graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in advertising and marketing communications, and studied fashion journalism at New York University. She has over six years of collective fashion experience working for ELLE Magazine, Albright NYC and The Daily Mirror in London, as well as launching a blog in 2009 called “Little Fashion Bird”.

Currently, Lauren is a social media manager and digital strategist for Camille La Vie, a women’s clothing brand specializing in social occasion dresses. Along with fashion, Lauren has been expanding her interests and passions (or better yet, obsessions) within the realm of interior design and decor. By using her own place as her “dressform” and immersing herself in various outlets dedicated to this area, she continues to learn and experiment on different ways to turn an ordinary space into a personalized and cozy home.

1. Where is your favourite spot in the world?
Oxford, UK (without a doubt)…I’d consider this place my “home far away from home”. There’s something truly magical as you stroll around this city. From the historic university architectures, parks, rivers, even down to the local ice cream shop, pub and movie theater, it’s not your average town.

2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Ideally, in a perfect world, the CEO of my own social media platform with a focus on fashion and interior design. And of course having kids, the white picket fence scenario, setting up lemonade stands and all that good stuff!

3. Favourite dish?
Tough one as I LIVE for food! But if it has to be one, it would certainly be basil pesto over linguine. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of my life.

4. Best trip you’ve ever had?
My FIT summer abroad in London (for many memorable reasons). Then comes my 3-month stay in Brazil. Loved every second of it!

5. Who are you dying to take on a dinner date with?
Could there be a few people at this dinner? At the moment, I would love to pick the fabulous brains of Jenna Lyons of J Crew and Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr of WhoWhatWear and Domaine Home. These women never cease to inspire me…they have this phenomenal vision and successful work ethic in making things look AMAZING and SO PRETTY (both at work and at home)! It would be nice to be in the presence of these genius minds and understand how they got started, what drives them everyday and how they strike a “chic” balance between business and personal life.

6. Tell us a little somethin somethin no one else knows!
I just burned a hole in my credit card at H&M’s new online store. Their home collection and prices are insane …I think I bought one or two of everything (literally).

7. Where are you living right at the moment?
Just moved out of our apartment in Manhattan into what feels like a cozy old English cottage in Paulus Hook (downtown Jersey City). It’s a joy to come home from work to this delightful and peaceful neighborhood everyday.

8. Where can we catch you next month?
In Los Angeles for a Camille La Vie photo shoot with one of the stars from “Pretty Little Liars”…kind of excited about this work trip. And hopefully on the streets of NYC for NYFW!

Lauren's 5 things1. Eyeko liquid eyeliner
2. Caudalie Beaute Elixir
3. my iPhone
4. Moroccan oil
5. Hummus

Next generation fashion photographer, Maleika Halpin, creates #nonewclothes campaign


The aficionado of prose and pictures, Maleika Halpin, an Aussie girl from a beach town, Brissy or Brisbane, has frequented more backstage shows during the past couple months than she can ever dream of. She hopped around Australia, from Brisbane, to Sydney to Perth, as well as enjoying the fun in the sun at Fashion Week in Fiji….she’s definitely in full swing. Seriously aren’t we all in awe of this girl’s talent already or what!  Taking amazing photos just comes naturally to Maleika. Her shots really do say a thousand words. When the flash goes off, her photos come out so raw and good. (no. better. adjective. it’s that good) She captures those moments that you wish it was in slow motion so you could relish every minute of that experience. Trust me I was there.

Let’s find out more about this 20 year old Brissy babe.

1.  How did you get started as a fashion photographer?

Am I? a Fashion Photographer? I guess like most beautiful things in life, I was certainly blissfully unaware at first. Making that definitive choice to persevere with photography past the point of ‘hobby’ found me in the throws of clients, deadlines & fashion weeks. I was incredibly fortunate to shoot for Fashion One at Fiji Fashion Week last year, & since then I’ve really endeavored to nurture those working relationships and foster them into flexible & creative avenues & opportunities.

Toni Mativeski Dress Rehearsal, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. April 2013.

2. Best moment shooting?
Getting stuck backstage at Jayson Brunsdon at this year’s MBFWA. Catching the girls in mid-flight as they darted straight off the runway, in behind shrews of photographers, shoes in hand. The elegant drama left me completely breathless with some of my favourite images shot to date 🙂 Those moments of flow are what any creative dreams of.

Untitled-1-1_zps20ac6278Jayson Brunsdon, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, 2013_DSC0041c_zps5a893002

3. What’s your gear?
I’m a minimalist, so I really try to work within my means, with what I’ve got & what I can afford; I still shoot with my first camera, my Nikon D90,  & am saving to invest in good quality glass. My favorite lens to shoot with is a 50mm 1.8, beautiful little point & shoot that really trains the eye.

4. Do you have a particular journalistic style?
I hope not to be definitive just yet. I’m totally serious about documentary photography though. I guess you could say I am “seeking truth & colour”

5. Do you have a photographer idol?
Damien Nikora, Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, & Will Davidson

6. I heard through the grapevine you’re big on creative writing –  tell us more about your blog?
Yes! House of Avalon. it’s really just a creative cultivation of my inner ramblings, a space I get to share my photography, styling, & creative ideas; as well as my cumulative reflection on art, music, culture, & technology. I’ve tried to keep it honest, candid & an extension of myself. My 20 plus followers are all very loyal.

…….I have also begun a new style blog initiative called “#nonewclothes”. I won’t be buying any new clothes for 12 months & will be reworking what I already own, & blogging it! It’s a style blog with a conscience! It’s really my endeavor to renegade against consumer society, whilst raising awareness for human rights in sweatshops. I want to run community clothes swaps & eventually help fund a photojournalism trip to Bangladesh, to visit & document the aftermath of the Rana Plaza & tell the tragic story that is at the expense of our wardrobes.



Don’t get me started… my life is a living oxymoron.

7. Funniest thing that happened to you on the job?
I couldn’t name JUST one, I’m pretty much an awkward disaster cake waiting to happen. Being self-contained at such beautifully organized events always calls for many unwarranted mishaps on my behalf. Maybe photo bombing Gary Pepper on National morning news?

8. If you could blow an insane amount on camera gear; what would you buy?
I would invest in old film cameras, a dark room, a creative home to shoot in, a fantastic assistant & more time!

9. 5 things you can’t live without?
My camera, my car, my family, silence & the sun

10. Where can we find you next month? What projects have you got coming up next?
Perth & Fiji Fashion weeks are next on the agenda, & anything beyond the immediate horizon is TBA 😉

Browsing on The House of Avalon is a fashion, hot, sexy goddess haven with a dash of damn fine quality rambles. Absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see more & her #nonewclothes campaign is definitely the new revolution of blogging with a conscience.

Photo credit: Maleika Halpin. BY Kiki Dhitavat

Charlotte Albert from Lust for Fashion


Charlotte is a personal style blogger from the UK and has an unhealthy massive obsession for heels. Her blog chronicles casual personal style and she also freelances for various fashion websites. Let’s find out more about this happy heels collector from Cornwall.

1. How did you get started with blogging?

When I started blogging it was really just a place to have everything I loved in one place. I’d post images I liked and store them in my own little online collage! After a while I became addicted to people street style blogs and creeping on other their personal style so I thought I’d share my own! Where I lived was so far out of the fashion world that the internet was like a huge treasure chest.

2. Where do you find inspirations for your blog?

I get so excited when fashion week approaches, it’s such a good feeling seeing a collection which you can’t wait to adapt to your own style!  I tend to pick out little bits from collections and try and put my own stamp on it, I always think it’s good to see a trend interpreted differently and not the same as everyone else. I also get inspired by colours, flowers in particular always give me colour ideas!


3. Do you have a favourite clothing item?

This is so difficult! It changes all the time, I’m so fickle! At the moment, it’s probably the infamous Zara skort in black. I can’t help but love it and it’s so easy to style I could wear it everyday and every night! I’m looking to get a jacket in pastel pink though, that’s my current obsession.


4.  Favourite boutiques/brand/shopping strips?

I wish I could say something really original here but I’m gonna put it out there and say Zara, for me it’s the best place to find high end styles for an affordable price. I also love looking on Etsy for jewellery, there are so many lovely handmade pieces on there and I don’t feel complete if I’m not wearing a couple of delicate rings.


5. Who is your ultimate style icon? 

I don’t think I could have just one person (back to the fickle thing!) as it changes all the time. I love people who can look so effortless, women who can be given the simplest outfit and make it look gut wrenchingly cool. I’m not one for hearts and flowers so I tend to like people who are more quirky. I love Sandra Hagelstam and Rumi Neely – massive girl crush on them.

6. What’s the best moment you’ve had in the fashion blogsophere?

I’m giving it my full time it’s so great. Blogging gets you out there and has helped me secure a job in writing. I’m really excited for what’s to come!

7. What would be your dream job/collaboration?

I’d love to do something involving travel! See all kinds of different cultures and styles. I’m fascinated by what inspires people and how they show their creativity so if I could incorporate that into a job it would be amazing.

8. Latest item you bought/what’s the hottest brand/clothing item for the summer?

Lately I’ve been a sucker for shoes and have been going a bit crazy on that front! Strappy Zara heels are my go-to shoes and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They come in white, black and nude (I need them in every colour of course?!). I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon for mirrored sunglasses, they add a pop of colour to an outfit and look so summery!


Stay tuned for more fashion tips, streetstyle updates, and Fashion Week coverage! xxox


Casual looks from Harper & Harley

I’ve been quite a follower of this Aussie blogger since her photo popped up last year wearing this bright mint green jumper she paired with a killer Black Phantom Celine bag. She definitely stood out from the clutter of street style shots I was sifting through.

a6caa9576bea5758d37d63a7cb5dbe4cAs I’m a massive fan of the style: plain, simple, clean cut, casual, black and white, and denim… she does it right every time! Here are my absolute faves below:


harper-and-harley_j-brand_leather-jacket_1 harper-and-harley_equipment_zara_4-2 Enjoy xxx